16MM BT-VS-45T Polyester Composite Strap 800M(Light Duty)

                                                     Product Details                                                     

BSTSTRAP polyester fibre strapping, a high quality, efficient and strong tensile performance strapping, is being favoured by a wide range of users and professionals.

Firstly, BSTSTRAP polyester fibre strapping has excellent tensile strength. It is made of high-strength polyester fibre material, which is finely woven and heat-treated to give it excellent tensile properties. Whether for light or heavy items, BSTSTRAP straps provide a stable fastening effect, preventing items from falling apart due to vibration or impact during transport.

Secondly, BSTSTRAP polyester fibre strapping also offers excellent weather resistance and chemical stability. Whether it is high temperature, low temperature, humid or dry environment, BSTSTRAP strapping can maintain its original performance and shape, ensuring the stability and safety of packaging. At the same time, this type of strapping also has excellent corrosion resistance, which prevents chemical substances from causing damage to it, thus extending the service life of the strapping.

Finally, the ease of handling of BSTSTRAP polyester fibre strapping is one of the reasons for its popularity. This type of baling band is easy to get started, and both novices and experienced workers can quickly master its use.

All in all, BSTSTRAP polyester fibre strapping has become a highly sought-after quality product in the market due to its excellent tensile strength, resilience, weather resistance and chemical stability, as well as its easy operation. Whether in industrial production, logistics or everyday life, BSTSTRAP offers efficient, safe and reliable packaging solutions.

Composite StrappingPolyester Composite StrapPolyester Composite Strapping

                                                 Product Advantages                                                 

m Safety: polyester fibre baling straps are connected by M-type steel wire buckles, which are scientifically and reasonably designed, not only connecting firmly, but also never falling off and slipping under the solid state, which greatly improves the working efficiency and safety in the process of bundling and transporting.

m Strong tensile force: polyester fibre strapping can withstand 0.5-2.6 tonnes of tensile force, absorbing more impact energy than steel strapping, strong tensile force is suitable for pallets and heavy items bundled for use, and is not easy to break. After packing, its wrapping tightness is good, after long-distance transport of packages, there will be expansion and contraction of the situation, but also can maintain good tension.

m Lightweight and soft: polyester fibre strapping is relatively light, without the sharp edges of steel strapping, will not scratch the packages, and will not hurt your hands. Even if the bundle is very tight, it will not hurt when cut, it is lighter and softer than the same length of steel belt, easy to operate.

m Strong adaptability: polyester fibre strapping can withstand all kinds of climatic conditions, can work normally at 130 degrees Celsius, good corrosion resistance, can also work in seawater, will not pollute the product.

m Beautiful and firm: polyester fibre baling tape has bright and shiny colour and is not rusty, which makes the packaging beautiful and firm and improves the product grade.

m Efficient and convenient: polyester fibre strapping with complete specifications, with a simple tensioner, a single person can operate, improve packaging efficiency and reduce packaging costs.

                                               Product Specifications                                               

Product Category


Band Width


Meters per Roll


Linear Strength +/-5%


Breaking Strength +/-5%


Rolls per Box


Rolls per Pallet


                                                  Product Procedure                                                   

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                                                Product Applications                                                

BSTSTRAP's polyester fibre packing tape is a high quality, high performance packaging material used in a wide range of industries and scenarios. Below are some detailed descriptions of the applications of BSTSTRAP's polyester fibre baling straps:

m Logistics and Transportation: BSTSTRAP's polyester fibre strapping has a wide range of applications in the logistics and transportation field. Due to its high strength, corrosion resistance, lightweight and soft characteristics, it can effectively protect the goods from damage during transport. Especially in long-distance transport, polyester fibre strapping can withstand repeated friction and impact, ensuring the safe arrival of goods. At the same time, due to its lightweight nature, it can reduce transport costs and improve logistics efficiency.

m Construction industry: The construction industry uses a large number of building materials such as steel, cement, bricks, etc., which usually need to be transported and stored over long distances, and BSTSTRAP's polyester fibre strapping has the advantage of being strong, corrosion-resistant, light and soft, which effectively protects these building materials from being damaged during transport and storage. At the same time, due to its recyclability, it is in line with the trend towards sustainable development in the construction industry.

m Chemical industry: The chemical industry uses a large number of chemical raw materials and products, which are often corrosive and toxic, and therefore require a reliable packaging material to protect them.BSTSTRAP's polyester fibre strapping is corrosion-resistant and high-strength, which effectively protects these chemical raw materials and products from damage. At the same time, due to its lightweight nature, it can reduce transport costs and improve logistics efficiency.

m Other fields: In addition to the above fields, BSTSTRAP's polyester fibre baling straps are also widely used in other industries, such as automobile manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, and so on. In these industries, BSTSTRAP's polyester fibre strapping can effectively protect the products from damage, and at the same time improve working efficiency and reduce costs.

In short, BSTSTRAP's polyester fibre strapping has a wide range of benefits and applications that can effectively protect goods from damage during transport and storage, increase work efficiency and reduce costs. With the rapid development of the logistics and transport industry, the market demand for BSTSTRAP's polyester fibre strapping will continue to grow.

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