32MM BT-WSB-32 Cord Lashing Strapping 250M/2000KP

  Product Details                                                                                                        

BSTSTRAP Cord Lashing Strapping is a high quality, durable and environmentally friendly packaging material that is suitable for a variety of different applications, including but not limited to securing items, packing goods, and bundling materials.

Our Cord Lashing Strapping is made from high strength polyester Strapping yarn with high tensile strength and tear resistance. This material is not only durable, but also very adaptable to the environment and can withstand all kinds of weather conditions, such as rain, snow and sunshine.

This Cargo Lashing Strap is very flexible and can be easily adapted to various shapes of packaging needs. Its unique woven structure provides good friction and ensures that the strapping will not slip or come loose during the packing process. At the same time, this type of strapping also has excellent cushioning properties to protect items from vibration or shock during transport.

Our Cargo Lashing Strap is also highly environmentally friendly. It is recyclable, thus reducing the impact on the environment. In addition, all the materials we use meet international environmental standards, so you can rest assured that they are safe to use.

Our extensive line of Cord Lashing Strapping includes different colours, sizes and weights to meet the needs of different customers. Whether you need it for personal or commercial use, we have the right product for you.

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  Product Advantages                                                                                                

m Strong Tensile Force: the Cord Lashing Strapping have strong tensile force, which can withstand the weight of heavy goods and protect the products from damage during transport.

m Good Temperature Resistance: Cargo Lashing strapping can adapt to various temperature environments, whether high or low temperature, can maintain its elasticity, will not affect the packaging performance.

m High Safety Coefficient: the smooth edges of the woven strapping will not scratch the workers or other objects, which improves the safety in the process of using.

m Environmental Protection: Heavy Duty Polyester Strapping can be recycled and reused, with little impact on the environment, in line with environmental standards.

m Wide Range of Application: Cord Lashing Strapping are suitable for a variety of different application scenarios, such as fixing items, packing goods, bundling materials, etc.

m Lower Cost: Using Soft PP Woven Lashing can reduce packaging costs as it is lightweight and easy to handle, reducing the labour intensity of workers. Meanwhile, due to its good tensile strength and temperature resistance, it can reduce the waste of packaging materials.

  Product Specifications                                                                                            

    Product Category

Band Width

Linear Breaking Strength +/-5%


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250m for one bag

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  Product Procedure                                                                                                   

Cord Lashing Strapping Operation Procedure

  Product Applications                                                                                              

m Cargo Transportation: During cargo transport, BSTSTRAP's heavy-duty woven packing straps can be used to secure and protect cargoes, preventing them from moving or being damaged during transport. Thanks to their high tensile strength and tear resistance, these straps are able to withstand the weight of heavy goods and provide secure transport.

m Parcel Post: BSTSTRAP's heavy duty woven baling straps can be used to secure and protect parcels to prevent them from falling apart or being damaged during the postal process. These straps have a high tensile strength and can be adapted to fit parcels of all shapes, providing a convenient and fast mailing solution.

m Construction Sites: On construction sites, BSTSTRAP's heavy-duty woven baling straps can be used to secure and bundle construction materials such as rebar, steel pipes and more. The high strength and durability of these straps allow them to withstand the weight of construction materials and harsh weather conditions, providing safe and reliable construction support.

m Logistics and Warehousing: In the logistics and warehousing sector, BSTSTRAP's heavy duty woven strapping can be used to secure and mark goods, helping managers to track and identify goods. These straps are also suitable for strapping and securing shelves and pallets, providing efficient and secure warehouse management.

m Air Cargo: In the air cargo sector, BSTSTRAP's heavy duty woven strapping can be used to secure and protect cargo, ensuring their safety during flight. The high strength and temperature resistance of these straps make them suitable for the special environment of air transport, providing a reliable air cargo solution.

Overall, BSTSTRAP's heavy duty woven strapping is used in a wide range of applications such as freight transport, parcel post, construction sites, logistics and warehousing, and air cargo, providing a convenient, safe and environmentally friendly packaging solution.

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