7MM BM20 Hot Melted Strapping 500M

7MM Polyester Baling Tape Strapping-7/500

                                                     Product Details                                                     

BSTSTRAP's 7MM Hot Melted Strapping is made of high-quality materials with excellent tensile strength and durability to withstand harsh environmental conditions. It is lightweight and easy to carry for convenient storage and use, and is also environmentally friendly and recyclable.

The best feature of BSTSTRAP 7MM BM20 Hot Melted Strapping is its flexibility and adaptability. It can be easily adapted to items of various shapes and sizes and can provide stable fixing and supporting effects. Thanks to its flexibility and malleability, it can easily pass through a variety of small holes and gaps, enabling bundling and fixing of various complex shapes.

In addition, flexible strapping is also characterised by quick installation. Users simply pass the strapping through the item to be secured, then pull it tight and secure it. This simple operation can greatly improve work efficiency and reduce the waste of manpower and time.

In conclusion, BSTSTRAP's 7MM BM20 Bale Banding is an efficient, flexible and environmentally friendly packaging solution with a wide range of applications and market potential. Whether it is in the field of logistics and transport, packaging protection or construction engineering, it can provide excellent fixing, supporting and strapping effects, helping users to improve work efficiency and quality.

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                                                Product Advantages                                                  


m High strength and tensile strength: the Baler Banding can withstand large tensile strength, which can replace the traditional steel strapping

m Lightweight and flexible: Baler Banding is lightweight, easy to carry and use, and at the same time flexible, can be adapted to a variety of shapes of goods strapping

m Good tightening holding capacity and memory: Baler Banding will not slacken for a long time after packing, and can effectively absorb vibration in transport, ensuring that the goods have excellent impact resistance over long distances

m Safe to use: Baler Banding is soft and won't scratch packages or hurt your hands

m No rust or deterioration: Baler Banding will not rust or corrode and can withstand all weather conditions

m Protects product surfaces: the flexible texture of Baler Banding protects product surfaces from scratches

                                               Product Specifications                                                

Product Category


Band Width


Meters per Roll


Rolls per Box


Rolls per Pallet


Breaking Strength +/-5%


Core Ø


Box Size (L x W x H mm)

625 x 312 x 140 mm

Pallet Size (W x L mm)

1000 x 1300 mm

                                                Product Applications                                                 

BSTSTRAP's 7MM BM20 Polyester Bale Press Strapping is an efficient, flexible and environmentally friendly packaging solution for a wide range of applications. The following are some of the applications for BSTSTRAP Hot Melt Strapping:

mLogistics and Transport: In the field of logistics and transport, BSTSTRAP 7MM Bonded Cord Strapping is widely used because of its excellent tensile strength and durability. It can bundle and secure goods quickly and easily, improving transport efficiency and reducing damage and delay. In addition, it also facilitates the storage and handling of goods due to its lightweight and easy-to-carry characteristics.

mPackaging and Protection: BSTSTRAP BM20 flexible strapping also has a wide range of applications in the field of packaging and protection. Whether it is product packaging, book protection or furniture installation, flexible strapping provides excellent fixing and protection. It not only prevents items from moving and being damaged, but also improves the overall quality and appearance of the product.

mRescue and Emergency: In rescue and emergency work, BSTSTRAP flexible strapping also has an important role. For example, after earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters, rescuers can use flexible strapping to quickly set up temporary tents and rescue routes to provide necessary help to the victims. In addition, in emergency medical situations, medical personnel can also use flexible strapping for emergency treatment and fixation of injured parts.

mConstruction and Engineering: In the field of construction and engineering, BSTSTRAP BM20 flexible strapping can be used to fix and support various construction materials and equipment. It can help workers carry out construction and installation work more quickly and efficiently, improving productivity and quality.

mHome and DIY: BSTSTRAP flexible strapping also has a wide range of applications in home and DIY projects. It can be used to fix curtains, bed sheets and other household items, as well as to make various crafts and toys. In addition, due to its environmentally friendly properties, it is also suitable for bundling and fixing recycled items.

All in all, BSTSTRAP's flexible strapping is favoured by users for its outstanding performance and wide range of applications. Whether for logistics and transport, packaging protection or construction, it provides efficient, flexible and environmentally friendly packaging solutions that help users to improve efficiency and quality.

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