Waste Baling Industry

Application of Baler Press Strapping in Waste Baling Industry

With the acceleration of urbanisation, the problem of waste disposal is becoming more and more prominent. In order to improve the efficiency and quality of rubbish disposal, flexible baling tape, as a new type of baling material, has been widely used in the rubbish packing industry. In this article, we will introduce the application of flexible baling tape in the rubbish packing industry and its advantages.

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I. Characteristics of Baler Press Strapping

m Light and easy to operate

Polyester Bale Tape has the characteristic of lightweight and easy to operate, which is convenient for workers to carry out strapping operation. Compared with traditional rigid strapping, Polyester Bale Tape is easier to bend and deform, and can be adapted to a variety of shapes and sizes of goods.

m High strength

Polyester Bale Tape has high strength and can withstand high pressure and tension. In the process of rubbish packing, Polyester Bale Tape can effectively hold the rubbish and prevent it from falling apart or deforming during transportation.

m Environmentally friendly and recyclable

Polyester Bale Tape is made of environmentally friendly materials, which are harmless to the environment. At the same time, flexible baling tape can be recycled, in line with the requirements of sustainable development.

Ⅱ.The application of Baler Press Strapping in the rubbish packing industry

m Rubbish compression packing

In the process of rubbish compression and packing, Polyester Bale Tape is used to fix the rubbish to ensure that the rubbish will not be scattered or deformed in the process of compression. At the same time, Polyester Bale Tape can improve the compression ratio of rubbish and reduce the transport cost.

m Sorting and Packing

During the waste sorting process, Polyester Bale Tape can be used to sort waste according to different types of waste. For example, recyclable waste and non-recyclable waste can be bundled with different coloured flexible straps to facilitate subsequent sorting.

m Rubbish Transport Packing

In the process of transporting rubbish, Polyester Bale Tape can effectively fix the rubbish and prevent it from falling apart or being deformed during transport. At the same time, Polyester Bale Tape can improve the sealing of the rubbish and reduce the odour and pollutant emission.

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Ⅲ.Advantages of Polyester Bale Tape in rubbish packing industry

m Improve efficiency

The use of Baling Machine Tape can greatly improve the efficiency of rubbish packing. Traditional rigid strapping requires manual strapping, which is time-consuming and labour-intensive. Polyester Bale Tape can be bundled automatically, reducing the time and labour cost of manual operation.

m Reduced Costs

The use of Baling Machine Tape can reduce the cost of waste baling. Firstly, it reduces labour costs as workers no longer need to manually tie up the waste. Secondly, it reduces material waste and the number of times it is reused. Finally, it improves product quality and consistency, which reduces scrap and rework.

m Improved safety

The use of Polyester Bale Tape improves safety. Firstly, it ensures the stability and security of the waste to avoid loosening or falling off during transport. Secondly, it reduces the risk of manual handling by workers and avoids accidental injuries caused by improper handling. Finally, it can improve the sealing and moisture resistance of the product and extend its service life.

m Environmentally sustainable

Baler Press Strapping is made of environmentally friendly materials, which is harmless to the environment. At the same time, flexible packing tape can be recycled and reused, which meets the requirements of sustainable development. This makes it a very environmentally friendly and sustainable device.

IV. Conclusion

Baler Press Strapping have many advantages in the waste baling industry. It increases efficiency, reduces costs, improves safety and is environmentally sustainable. Therefore, it is widely used in the waste disposal process. With the continuous development and progress of technology, it is believed that more innovations and applications will emerge in the future to further promote the development and progress of this field.

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