Application of Hot Melt Strapping in Agriculture

Hot Melt Strapping is a kind of packaging material widely used in logistics, transport, warehousing and other fields, which has the advantages of lightweight, durability, environmental protection and so on. With the continuous development of agricultural technology, Hot Melt Strapping is also beginning to be applied in the field of agriculture. This paper will discuss the application of Hot Melt Strapping in agriculture and its advantages.

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1. Crop bundling and fixing

Baler Banding can be used to tie and fix crops, such as straw, straw, corn stalks and so on. Traditional strapping materials such as twine, plastic rope, etc. are prone to cause damage to crops, while Baler Banding has good flexibility and ductility, and can be firmly tied together without damaging the crops. This not only facilitates the transport and storage of crops, but also prevents crops from falling down in the wind.

2. Orchard management

In orchard management, Baler Banding can be used to fix fruit trees and build protective nets. For example, in the process of fruit tree growth, you can use Baling Strapping to support the fruit tree, to prevent the tree branches from bearing too much fruit weight and break. In addition, Baling Strapping can also be used to build protective nets to prevent birds and animals on the fruit infringement.

Polyester Bale BandingBaler Machine TapePolyester Baling Tape

3. Greenhouse construction

Baling Strapping is lightweight and durable, and can be used to build greenhouses. Compared with the traditional steel pipe, cement and other materials, Polyester Baling Banding has better flexibility and ductility, and can be adapted to different terrains and environments. In addition, Polyester Baling Banding has good heat preservation performance, which helps to keep the temperature in the greenhouse stable.

In short, Polyester Baling Banding has a wide range of application prospects in the field of agriculture. Through the reasonable use of the characteristics and advantages of Polyester Bale Press Strapping, it can effectively improve the efficiency of agricultural production, reduce the cost of agricultural production, and promote the sustainable development of agriculture.

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