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Composite Strapping in the Storage Industry

With the rapid development of the warehousing industry, the demand for packaging materials is also growing. As an environmentally friendly, durable and safe packaging material, Composite Strapping has been widely used in the storage industry. This article will introduce the application of Composite Strapping in the storage industry and its advantages.

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Ⅰ.The characteristics of Cord Composite Strapping

m Environmental protection: Composite Strapping is made of PP and PET materials, recyclable, will not cause pollution to the environment.

m Durable: Composite Strapping has high tensile strength, good abrasion resistance and weather resistance, suitable for a variety of harsh environments.

m Safe: Composite Strapping will not scratch the goods, can effectively protect the goods in the process of transport and storage safety.

m Lightweight: Fibre strapping is lightweight, easy to handle and store, reducing storage costs.

m Easy to use: Composite Strapping is simple to operate, can quickly complete the packing work, improve work efficiency.

Ⅱ.The application of Cord Composite Strapping in the warehousing industry

m Cargo Fixing: in the storage process, Composite Strapping can be used to fix the goods, to prevent the displacement or collapse of the goods in the transport process.

m Cargo Bundling: fibre strapping can be multiple goods bundled together, convenient handling and storage, improve warehousing efficiency.

m Cargo Packaging: Cord Composite Strapping can be used as the outer packaging of the goods, play a role in protecting the goods, to prevent the goods from moisture, breakage, etc..

m Cargo Classification: Composite Strapping can be classified and packed according to the type and specification of the goods, which is convenient for warehouse management.

m Cargo Information Marking: Cord Composite Strapping can be printed on the cargo information, such as name, specifications, quantity, etc., to facilitate warehouse management personnel to quickly find and identify the goods.

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Ⅲ.The advantages of Poly Cord Strapping in the storage industry

m Reduce costs: Poly Cord Strapping can be reused to reduce the packaging costs of warehousing enterprises.

m Improve efficiency: Polyester Composite Strapping is simple to operate, can quickly complete the packing work, improve the efficiency of warehousing.

m Environmental protection and safety: Poly Cord Strapping is environmentally friendly, durable, will not cause pollution to the environment, and effectively protect the safety of goods.

m Convenient management: Poly Cord Strapping can be classified according to the type of goods, specifications, etc., convenient storage management.

In short, Polyester Composite Corded Straps has a wide range of application prospects in the storage industry. Its environmental protection, durability, safety features, as well as improve efficiency, reduce costs and other aspects of the advantages, so that it has become an indispensable packaging materials in the storage industry. With the continuous development of the warehousing industry, Composite Corded Straps will play a more important role in the future.

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